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Building Information Modelling or Building Information Management (abbreviated to BIM) is the process of creating and managing data about a building throughout its lifecycle. BIM is fundamentally a digital model that represents a physical and functional object together with its characteristics. It serves as an open database of information about a building for its construction and operation throughout its lifecycle, and enables the effective sharing of information among all participants in the construction process.


The common data environment (CDE) is a central repository where construction project information is housed. The contents of the CDE are not limited to assets created in a ‘BIM environment’ and it will therefore include documentation, graphical model and non-graphical assets. In using a single source of information collaboration between project members should be enhanced, mistakes reduced and duplication avoided.


The exchange and sharing of building information and data between applications developed by various software producers uses the IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) open file format developed by the international buildingSMART association. It is a text file that can easily be used for transferring data between various applications.
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Bim.Point webAPI is available for direct access to building information.The API allows not only reading and downloading building information from the model, but also writing the new one to the Bim.Point structure, in order to visualize data over the BIM model and fully work with information using Bim.Point functions.


IFMA a czBIM jsou organizace, jichž jsme aktivní členové.

IFMA - Mezinárodní profesní organizace IFMA (International Facility Management Association). Hlavním před-mětem činnosti asociace je prosazování zásad facility managementu do činnosti subjektů podnikajících či jinak působících na území ČR. Dalším klíčovým cílem asociace je rozvoj vzdělávacích a popularizačních aktivit na poli facility managementu a oborů souvisejících a organizace spolkové činnosti subjektů, které jsou na poli facility managementu aktivní.

czBIM - The Czech BIM Council is an organisation that wants to focus on Building Information Modelling systematically and over the long term, not only from the perspective of international application, but also with regard to the specifics of the Czech environment (standards, legislation etc.) in practice. Our company, di5 architekti inženýři, which is involved in the development of the Bim.Point tool, is an active collective member of the Czech BIM Council

Mezi další propagátory BIM patří asociace BuildingSMART a komunita Open BIM.

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